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Snow and Ice Removal

During the winter months, the removal of snow and ice is the joint responsibility of both the Office of Building Services and the Office of Grounds and Landscape Maintenance Services. This service is accomplished according to pre-established schedules and plans which have been developed to accomplish three major goals:

  • Maximize the efficiency of the operations staff members and their designated equipment
  • Complete the removal operation in the shortest time possible
  • Ensure that the campus is safe to open

The Office of Building Services is specifically responsible for the removal of snow and ice from around all campus buildings, a minimum of ten feet out depending on the entranceway/walkway of a particular building. This generally occurs approximately one and one half hours after the Office of Grounds and Landscape Maintenance Services has commenced with the clearing of the roadways and major walkways. Once the main entrances are cleared to a safe condition, staff will continue to work on clearing secondary entrances, squaring off walkways, completing a total clearing of steps to prevent ice accumulation, and applying additional sand or ice melt in areas as required.

If you feel that an area remains particularly icy or may have been overlooked, please contact the Customer Support Center at 609-771-2353 and staff will be dispatched to the area.